2008 - 2013 York University

2015 - 2019 Sheridan College


Grants & Awards 

2015 - Glen Williams Glass Award

Exhibitions & Festivals

2019 - Translucent Bloom

2018 - 

2016 - Glass: Inside Out

Professional Experience 

2018 - Teaching Assistant, Sheridan                College

2017 - Harbourfront Centre Summer                Residency

Emma McDonald

Emma McDonald is an emerging glass artist from Georgetown, Ontario.  She moved to Toronto and received a Bachelor Degree from York University in Philosophy, where she focused on art and aesthetics.  She chose to continue exploring these ideas as a maker and so pursued another degree in the Craft and Design program at Sheridan College.  

The experience of living in the world is at once a unique and universal one.  My work seeks to explore this, visualising the mind and body connection through glass.  Using the technique of sand casting, I create large rings and circles that contrast one heavily textured face with two polished surfaces.  This duality represents the mind and body. The textures of my pieces reference metal, stone, and ceramics - earthly elements that symbolise the body.  The depth of glass makes the polished surfaces distort these textures, visualizing the mind and body interacting with each other. The optical clarity of my work creates an ethereal sense of thought and feeling, fleeting emotions that have no physicality.